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looking for a local metal fabricator? a place to buy blue foam? some lighting supplies? say hello to is a new Industrial Design resource. browse through our database, and we just might help you find what you are looking for.

where did this all come from? well, we are industrial designers, and did a lot of searching for these kind of places ourselves. and so did some of our friends. and their friends. so at one point, we figured we shouldn’t be spending half of our time on sourcing, but rather more time on designing. it should after all be about who comes up with the best stuff, and not about who knows the right people, don’t you think?

on top of that, we also would like to encourage people to use local fabricators and suppliers. most probably, there are quite a few shops around where you live, and they might be happy to work with you on producing some pieces. so maybe we can get the connection going through this.

we’d love to get some help from you: if you know of any resources, we definitely want to add them. let us know about them! and oh, please take it easy on us for now: we’re just starting out with this. so not everything might work as expected. and for now we’re also mostly focused on the new york area, as this is where we are. but we’re definitely happy about any feedback you can give us. either way, we hope this site helps you a bit here and there. and have fun designing!